Delhi Public School Mandla Road
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  • “Transforming potentiality into reality by a harmonious blend of head heart& hands”


  • DPS Mandla Road carries forward the motto of ‘Service before Self’, enshrined to educate for empowerment and enlightenment, fostering a spirit of enquiry and critical thinking in the learners along with preserving the roots of culture to work towards upholding the values of patriotism and righteous conduct.
  • We strive to implement a holistic value based curriculum embracing the new world of technology and global best practices to continuously pursue excellence and fulfillment in our intellectual, social, spiritual pursuits and lifelong learning with a competitive edge.
  • We aim to create a positive and inclusive campus, celebrating both the individual and cultural divergences ensuring equity in education leading to the self actualization of every student.
  • We commit ourselves to ensure learning experience in a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment to assist our students to achieve their greatest potential to adapt and adjust to a diverse and ever changing society.
  • We build trust when we honour our values and commitment in our persona with an outreach to seek and inform, involve and include new students, employees and others, who share vision and principles of our schools and can lay firm foundation to create a better and bright tomorrow.


  • acquire, construct, apply and share their knowledge;
  • learn how to study and put their minds to use;
  • gain the skills and competences required for further education, employment and survival in 21st century;
  • identify and solve problems as well as think both critically and creatively;
  • efficiently work together, in teams, groups and as part of a community;
  • learn how to conduct and manage themselves responsibly;
  • collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate information;
  • learn how to communicate using various verbal, visual and symbolic means;
  • efficiently use their scientific knowledge and technical expertise by being responsible towards themselves, others and the environment;
  • learn to see the world as a unity of interconnected systems and to treat issues as parts of those systems rather than isolated cases;
  • Initiate and readily embrace changes, take responsibility and adopt an entrepreneurial approach and clear orientation towards achieving objectives and success.